1. termination, conclusion, expiration, cessation, abruption, stoppage, close, finish, wind-up; completion, fulfillment, attainment, accomplishment, culmination, consummation; ending, finale, finis, denouement, peroration, epilogue, period.
2. extremity, furthermost part, terminus, terminal, pole, point, nib, tip, top, head, horn; limitation, bound, boundary, limit, pale, bourn; border, confine, margin; acme, apogee, ultimate, utmost, uttermost, extreme.
3. purpose, aim, object, objective, goal, reason, motive, motivation, intent, intention, design; destination, final cause, raison d'etre.
4. result, outcome, consequence, upshot, effect, issue, fruit, flower.
5. destruction, ruin, ruination, dissolution, extermination, annihilation, death, Sl. curtains; deathblow, Fr. coup de grâce, Sl. finisher, Sl. sockdolager; doom, doomsday, day of wrath, Judgment Day.
6. remnant, fragment, scrap, stub, fag end, butt, heel.
7. share, part, portion, segment, sector, province, field, area, responsibility, Inf. load.
8. at loose ends
unsettled, drifting, dallying; confused, uncertain, wavering, Inf. betwixt and between, Sl. not together.
9. make both ends meet
economize, husband, live within one's means, endure, survive, subsist, Inf. get by, Inf. scrape by.
10. no end
Informal. very much, considerably, Inf. a lot.
11. on end
continuously, successively, consecutively, serially.
12. conclude, terminate, settle, close; complete, accomplish, consummate, achieve; finish, finish off, put an end to, make an end of, bring to an end; adjourn; (all usu. with in) reach, arrive, culminate, climax.
13. cease, stop, discontinue, drop, cut, cut short, bring down the curtain; die, die out, expire, vanish, pass, pass away, peter out, wind up or down, run down or out, blow over, run its course; quit, desist, abandon, leave off, break, break off, call it quits, call it a day.
14. kill, destroy, do in; annihilate, exterminate, eradicate, get rid of, wipe out, extinguish, abolish, dissolve; quell, arrest, check, squelch, put down, Inf. put the kibosh on.

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